Yazidi project

Duplex villa (modern) located in Damavand, Jaban village

The area of ​​the land is 2800 square meters, which was designed as a garden villa. The villa is wide on the ground and due to the cold air and the prevailing wind of the area, we designed it at an angle so that we can prevent the penetration of cold air into the villa.

The infrastructure of the project is 1350 square meters on two floors

(Upstairs 450 square meters) Downstairs (900 square meters)

Floor heating system, completely flat roof (hidden light)

Inside the yard, modern water features were used, around the project a topographic and sloping water stream was made.

Using the Japanese garden in the landscape design of the villa area

It has two floors of roof garden (green garden) which was designed in a modern and minimal way.

Wide windows

(Skylight) Openings in the concrete roof

Before the design

Damavand duplex villa project

After the design

Damavand duplex villa project

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